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Squeegee Blade, Rear, Linatex, 39-inch, Champ 2929 (7693371)

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This squeegee blade fits squeegee assembly #7693169, found on the Champ 2929 Ride-On Scrubber.

Linatex is the standard material for NSS floor scrubbers. Linatex rubber is a natural rubber that is combined with some additives that give it special properties. Linatex can be recognized by its red color. Not all red rubber squeegee blades are Linatex, however. Be sure to look for the brand name Linatex® when you’re shopping for squeegee blades. The additives in Linatex give it more abrasion resistance and tear resistance than natural rubber. Linatex squeegee blades also have better chemical resistance than natural rubber squeegees. This makes Linatex a very durable squeegee blade material and well suited for all applications, except oily soils.