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Rear Squeegee Blade, Oil Resistant Urethane, 47-Inch (2695571)

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This squeegee blade fits squeegee assembly #7693809, found on Champ 3329 and Champ 3529 Ride-On Scrubbers.

This squeegee blade fits squeegee assembly #3392979, found on Wrangler 2730 and Wrangler 3330 Walk-Behind Scrubbers.

Urethane is short for Polyurethane, a synthetic rubber compound. Urethane squeegee blades can vary in color and are commonly white, yellow, or blue. NSS Urethane squeegee blades are blue for curved squeegees and yellow for straight squeegees. Urethane squeegee blades are softer than Linatex and are good for all floor surfaces. Urethane squeegee blades have one special property, which is essential in some applications. Urethane squeegees are oil resistant. If your floor soil contains oily substances, Urethane squeegees are essential. Oils cause natural rubber and Linatex to swell. When swollen, the blades become wavy and the wiping edge of the squeegee blade is less effective. Urethane squeegee blades don’t have this issue and are best for use in kitchens and automotive applications.